gop’s Answer To What They Describe As An Invasion On Our Southern Border Is To Continue Sitting On Their Thumbs

House Republicans, who have long called for strengthening security at the nation’s southern border, are now forced to head home for the five-week August recess with nothing to show for their efforts — something many Republicans fear will be an enormous political liability.

Centennial State gop Faces Felony Counts Of Embezzlement Forgery And Theft #497

…His troubles began in June when he was fired from his part-time job at the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly falsifying a timecard.

Yes Virginia There Has Been Another gop Indicted #496

A state representative was indicted on two counts of violating state campaign finance laws for accepting $10,000 from a company and illegally reimbursing himself $6,000 from his campaign account, the state attorney general announced Tuesday.

Corrupt Pagan Adultery gop Convicted Of Corruption (#218)

…“When he was dating my friend, he would do stupid, immature things to make her upset. He was an a–hole and a creep,” the roommate said. “She would tell us he was the member of some stupid religion.”

Gun Loving Gay Hating Fiscal gop And Mercer County Treasurer Pleads Guilty To Stealing gop Treasure (#280)

Mike is a fiscal conservative who is highly concerned about the current state government fiscal crisis. His knowledge of budgetary matters is key in helping stop the overspending, which has burdened Illinois. Mike also believes in good, overall public service to the constituents. Sound fiscal policies are the cornerstone to more efficient government.

Displeased God Knocks Down The Dang Fence

An unusual amount of rain that ravaged parts of southern Arizona also knocked down 60 feet of the rebar-reinforced steel fence that divides the U.S. and Mexico.

When Your Children Ask Why Nutters Crack People Up Show Them This

Nutters. They crack me up.

When Word Leaked That Topless gop Was A Possible Vote Frauder – He Just Quit – “I had no clue that’s what I did”

“I had no idea that I was ever registered somewhere else,” he said. “I had no clue that’s what I did.”

Police Believe This gop Was Selling Drugs Illegally – So They Arrested Him #495

What are your qualifications and what makes you the best candidate?

Andrew J. Dollard As an attorney and former Hamilton County probation officer, I understand the need for strong public safety that protects our community.

gop Delegate Arrested For Threatening To Kill Repo Man And Trying to Escape Arrest For Threatening To Kill Repo Man (#245) Pleads Alford Guilty

She managed to break her Jeep free of the tow truck, damaging it and her vehicle. With the street blocked off, she drove on the sidewalk to elude police officers, who dove out of the way. Holmes then led officers on a one-mile car chase through Kingman’s back streets before her Jeep broke down on West Beale Street, where she was finally arrested.

Libertyists Aint Knowd Why Foreigners From Brittan Don’t Celebrate 4th Of July With Guns Where US President Was Done Killed But Not The Kenyan Kind We Gots Now

Freedumb is on the march

Dem Candidate Invites Man Into Home With Gun Things Did Not Go So Well

A candidate for the state Legislature was charged with assault and kidnapping after police said he forced a man to go inside his home at gunpoint and pistol-whipped him over a drug debt.

Rock And Roll Blamed As Former Wasilla Mayor Cited For Speeding In Wasilla #494

…The former Alaska governor claimed Sammy Hager’s “I Can’t Drive 55” on the radio caused her to speed up.

Would Jesus Send Army Men To The Border Or Would He Do What Dem Gov. Is Doing? Mark 9:37

Perry sending National Guard troops to border AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Gov. Rick Perry is deploying up to 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border over the next month to combat what he said Monday were criminals exploiting a surge of children pouring into the U.S. illegally.   Patrick delivers forceful speech on migrant… (more)

Some Say Raygun’s Iron Lady Covered Up Tory Child Buggering In Her Cabinet And By Some I Mean The Guy Who Rounded Up The Little Buggers

I decided reveal what I’d witnessed. I made it very clear to Mrs Thatcher most trusted ministers had been at these parties with boys who were between 15 and 16.

“I also told her of the amount of illegal drugs like cocaine that were consumed.

PA gop’s Press Sec Arrested With Weapon Where You’re Not Supposed To Have A Weapon – No Juice Found On Suspect #493

Shucard is charged with carrying a pistol without a license, a felony. He is currently being processed at Capitol Police headquarters.

AZ gop Jumps In Race To Crown America’s Largest Douche Knuckle gop By Screaming At Bus Filled With Merican Childern

There was only one problem. The children on the school bus were not migrants, but local residents headed to a YMCA summer camp.

Chairman Of Cherokee gop Not Chairman Anymore Since His Drug Arrest #492

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead confirmed Tuesday that John Loyd Ellis, arrested Friday when law enforcement officers found marijuana on his property, was the chairman of the Cherokee County Republican Party.

Guilty Pleading gop Gun Nut On Probation Arrested For Driving Around With Booze Without Insurance #491

This is not Freeman’s first run-in with the law.

Not Just 1 But 2 gop Attorneys General Arrested For Bribery – Witness Tampering And Other Anti-American Stuff #489 & #490

SALT LAKE CITY — Former Utah Attorneys General John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff were arrested Tuesday morning.

Top NY gop Operative Arrested For Child Endangerment – His Own Child #488

The top aide to the Rensselaer County Legislature’s Republican majority, who is a key party operative, was arrested Friday after a physical altercation with his 17-year-old son, town police said Monday.

gop Concocting Plan To Kill gop Immigration Law That Has Illegal Children Flooding The States – Treat Them Like Mexicans!

The 2008 law has emerged as the biggest sticking point … children from countries that don’t border the U.S. must be turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and appear at an immigration hearing, which takes more time.

Tax And Spend Big Government President Still Found Time To Shrink Deficit Below Deficit He Inherited

The U.S. government ran a monthly budget surplus in June, putting it on course to record the lowest annual deficit since 2008.

Good Corporate Citizen Citigroup To Give US $7,000,000,000.00 To Make Investigation Of Their Part In Ruining America Go Away

…In late April, the bank offered $363 million, the sources said.

gop’s Worst Fear Realized: Obamacare Turned 74% Of Their Devotees Into RINOs

Seventy-four percent of newly insured Republicans liked their plans. Even 77 percent of people who had insurance before — including members of the much-publicized group whose plans got canceled last year — were happy with their new coverage.

Do Nothing Right Wing Extemists To Sue President For Not Getting Us The Socialism Faster

lawsuit against President Obama will focus on the delay of the employer mandate in ObamaCare

bush’s White House Lawyer Only Tried To Kill His Wife – He Gave Her $28,600,000.00 Already – Now They Want Him To Go To Jail #487

Battered wife of ex-White House lawyer testifies Updated 9:31 am, Tuesday, July 8, 2014 STAMFORD — Mary Margaret Farren took to the stand for a little over an hour Monday to describe a brutal beating she said she took from her then-husband, former White House counsel J. Michael Farren, as his attempted-murder trial began Monday at… (more)

TOOOOTAL Douche Bag Nutters Bottomless Barrels Of Dickishness And Rolling Coal

Seriously, what is the matter with nutter brains?

Guilty Pleading Cocaine gop – No – The Other Guilty Pleading Cocaine gop (#363) – Thinks It’s Time For Himself To Be A US Senator Now

Former state treasurer Thomas Ravenel, who resigned from office after his arrest on drug charges, said he is running as an independent for the U.S. Senate currently held by Lindsey Graham in South Carolina.

KY Genius gop Would Like Everyone To Know That Everyone Knows The Temperature On Mars Is “Exactly As It Is Here” And Everybody Does Not Dispute It

  “As you (Energy & Environment Cabinet official) sit there in your chair with your data, we sit up here in ours with our data and our constituents and stuff behind us. I don’t want to get into the debate about climate change, but I will simply point out that I think in academia we… (more)

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