God Works In Mysterious Ways – Day Before Major Bridge Was Shut Down gop Voted To Cut Bridge Repair Budget By 34%

House appropriators make deep cuts to transportation for 2012

The House Appropriations Committee released their draft bill for 2012 spending in the transportation program, and the cuts are severe, with some key programs facing more of a reduction than others.

The Transportation, Housing and Urban Development spending bill, or THUD, as its called, contained similar cuts for transit and road/bridge spending that we saw in Rep. Ryan’s budget earlier this year. Transit and highway spending both get cut proportionally, around 34 percent.



“This bill is yet another example of this Committee’s commitment to return our government to some semblance of fiscal sanity by restoring responsibility, restraint and thoughtfulness to the budgeting process.  I’m proud that this subcommittee has made targeted and responsible cuts, rooting out extraneous and duplicative programs, while prioritizing critical programs which ensure that our highways keep moving, our airways remain safe, and our Nation’s most vulnerable citizens have access to the necessary safety nets as we approach the winter months,” House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers said.




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