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McGee has resigned after sexual harassment allegation involving Senate attache

The three remaining Senate GOP leaders – Senate President Pro-Tem Brent Hill, Majority Leader Bart Davis, and Assistant Majority Leader Chuck Winder – have announced to a packed press conference that Sen. John McGee has resigned from the Senate in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment of a Senate attache. Hill said the harassment charges are being investigated by the Idaho Attorney General, and the attache, a woman who is not a minor, is on paid leave.

McGee, R-Caldwell, is a fourth term state senator and also is the chairman of the Canyon County Republican Central Committee. A former aide to then-Sen. and Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, McGee, 39, is the marketing director for West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell, and is married with two young children. He was widely viewed as a rising star in the Idaho GOP before the bizarre incident last June in which he was arrested and convicted of drunken driving. After he paid restitution, additional charges were dropped against McGee for stealing a stranger’s vehicle and attached trailer, then jackknifing it in a neighbor’s front yard.

McGee was found sleeping in the vehicle’s backseat and was arrested; he said he couldn’t remember what happened after an evening of drinking at a golf tournament six miles away.


Carleton said her husband, Joe, a volunteer chaplain at the Ada County Jail, went outside to speak with the barefooted man, who said he was looking for the “promised land.” When he saw Tracey Carleton in her white bathrobe on the front porch, he said, “Look there’s an angel,” she said. Then the Carletons called police.

“This man was hallucinating,” Tracey Carleton said. “His legs were cut up. He had some gouges on his leg.”

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Senator gets cash, sleeps at parents’

BOISE, Idaho — Republican Sen. John McGee lives 26 miles from the Idaho Capitol but takes an extra per diem payment from taxpayers for a second residence that adds up to some $6,000 annually – even though he lives with his parents in their Boise home during the session.

By taking the money, they’re not just boosting their annual pay. They’ll likely see higher pension payments when they retire.

“That’s not probably kosher,” said Don Burtenshaw, a former GOP senator from Terreton who sits on the Citizen’s Committee for Legislative Compensation.


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