Witness Superb Examples Of How The Nutter Cracks Me Up – Freedom Of Worship And UN Conspiracies Theories


The extreme right wingnut meme:

Warren, who spoke at Obama’s 2009 inauguration, also criticized the president’s economic policies even as he said Obama alone is not to blame for the nation’s woes.

“Most people would not think they’re better off economically than they were four years ago,” said Warren. Asked who he holds responsible, he blamed an array of people.

Here’s some of the inter


TAPPER: You’ve written about this, especially on Twitter … a great deal when it comes to the Obama administration’s healthcare ruling when it pertains to contraception. You objected to that initially. They dialed it back. How are you with what they called an accommodation? Were you okay with that? Or no?

WARREN: Well, no, I’m not, because in the first place, there is a redefinition from freedom of religion to phrases — now you hear people talking about freedom of worship. That means it’s limiting what the church does to only what happens in the one hour on Sunday morning as worship. In other words, if I have a school, which is part of my commission as a church, education, or if I had a clinic which is part of my — the Bible says Jesus went into every village, preaching, teaching, and healing. He didn’t just care about the spirit. He cared about the mind and the body, and you go into almost any country, the first school and the first hospital were founded by the missionaries, almost every country in the world. You go to Africa, 25 percent of the healthcare is done by Catholics.

The Truth:

In a complaint that more secular Americans may see as hairsplitting, the president also has stirred considerable unease over his use of the term “freedom of worship” in lieu of “freedom of religion.” Conservative critics see this as evidence that Obama sees religious freedom as something confined to the relatively narrow sphere of prayer as opposed to a broader exercise of religious life.

“When you have the president of the United States referring to the freedom of religion … not as the freedom of religion but the freedom of worship, you should get very nervous, very nervous,” Santorum said recently.

One problem with this line of reasoning is that Obama has used the phrase “freedom of religion” on numerous occasions throughout his presidency. According to an article in Christianity Today, Bush used the term “freedom of worship” far more often than Obama, without incurring criticism.

‘Tea party’-backed bill to halt green programs

Arizona “tea party” members are pushing through legislation to quash government-funded efforts to reduce pollution and improve energy efficiency in cities, counties and the state.

Opponents of Senate Bill 1507, sponsored by Sen. Judy Burges, R-Sun City West, say the bill would shut down any government-led environmental initiative, such as Energize Phoenix, a $25 million, stimulus-funded project to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses along the light-rail corridors in central Phoenix.

Critics also say the bill is based on a tea-party conspiracy theory about a 1992 United Nations declaration.

…Burges introduced the bill in February through a back door in the legislative process.

Originally, SB 1507 was a bill about “unemployment,” but through a strike-everything amendment with the purpose of a “technical correction,” Burges proposed substituting it with her measure, which won majority approval in the Senate Judiciary Committee and on the Senate floor.

Wes Harris, a Phoenix resident and tea-party member, also testified with Burges, repeating theories about the declaration that have been floated among conservative organizations such as the John Birch Society, which refer to the declaration as “Agenda 21.”

Harris claimed the declaration “is an attempt to implement a one-world order. It’s been going on for 20 years. It has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate. It has been snuck around the back door by the Clinton administration.”


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