American “Thinker” In 2011: Willard Is A Liberal So Don’t Vote For Him

Zbigniew Mazurak Does Not Care For Willard Mittens Romney


Mitt Romney: A Liberal’s Liberal Republican

July 23, 2011

ByZbigniew Mazurak

The most prominent candidate for the GOP nomination is former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  He’s a prolific fundraiser and enjoys widespread name recognition, and he’s the darling of the GOP establishment.  George Will lists him as one of the few serious presidential candidates.

But should Romney be the GOP’s presidential nominee?  The answer is “absolutely not.”

Although there is no “perfect conservative,” and although conservatives have serious issues with every candidate running, Mitt Romney is nothing more than a strident liberal masquerading as a moderate.  As Selwyn Duke rightly wrote in 2007, Romney is the Barack Obama of the GOP.  Every Republican has made his share of mistakes, but Romney is a committed liberal on the whole spectrum of issues.

Conservatives know that Romney was pro-abortion for a long time before he first ran for the presidency in 2007, at which time he “changed his position” because he was now asking for the votes of conservatives.  Romney has also supported “gay rights,” and as Massachusetts governor, he implemented same-sex marriage by executive fiat.

In 2004, the MA Supreme Court ruled that the state’s marriage law was unconstitutional — but the Court did not rule, contrary to what is claimed, that gay marriage must be legalized and that the state constitution contains a “right” to marry.  Yet, as soon as the ruling was issued, Romney commanded state agencies, by executive order, to start issuing marriage licenses to homosexual couples.

Romney is stridently liberal on fiscal and economic issues....

David Axelrod has admitted that Romney’s scheme served as “a template” for Obama’s.  Even Rep. Paul Ryan, who likes Mitt Romney, admits that the two schemes are “not that dissimilar.”

…It’s time to stand up to the GOP establishment and say “no to Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee!”


The more I investigate McCain, the more firmly I am convinced that I cannot vote for him, as a matter of principle.  He’s a shit sandwich I just refuse to eat.

By robert108 on June 22, 2008 at 03:50 pm


I voted for him…

By robert108 on November 7, 2008 at 08:41 am



…IMO, Romney is another McCain.  Do you want another McCain?

10/14/2011 06:40 PM in reply to Neiman



Vote for Romney…!

Yesterday 03:56 PM in reply to banjo kid


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