Some Say gop Governor Piyush Jindal’s School Voucher Scam Is Unconstitutional And By Some I Mean gop Judge Who Ruled It Unconstitutional

Jindal voucher overhaul unconstitutionally diverts public funds to private schools, judge rules

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal‘s school voucher overhaul was dealt a blow Friday when a Baton Rouge area judge declared the diversion of public money by the voucher program to private schools unconstitutional. The ruling, which came almost immediately after a three-day long court hearing, came in two parts.

The first part of Judge Tim Kelley’s ruling declared that the law passed to implement the controversial program — Senate Concurrent Resolution 99 — was done in a valid and constitutional manner.

He also ruled Act 2 — the voucher overhaul — did not violate the “single object” requirement of the state constitution allowing for a bill to only effect one policy at a time.

But in the second part of his ruling, Kelley declared the diversion of funds from the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) — the formula under which per pupil public education funds are calculated — to private entities was unconstitutional.

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