Mississippi Of The North gop Arrested For Beating Up Wage Earner Who Caught gop Cheating Him On His Wages Allegedly #333

Mike Jorgenson gop who cheats on wages then beats up wage earner

Scuffle ends with arrest of former legislator

Former state Sen. Mike Jorgenson was arrested Tuesday afternoon at his restaurant, The Copa, [9265 Government Way] in Hayden, for investigation of misdemeanor battery.

…The alleged victim, identified as Benjamin Chavez III, 41, told deputies he found out his wages had been cut when picking up his paycheck Tuesday.

“Basically, what he did was lower my wages without telling me,” Chavez said in an interview with The Press Wednesday. “He’s been so horrible about paying people,” including vendors, Chavez said.


How typically North Idaho. Mississippi of the north….

…He has been bouncing checks for the last 8 months, He makes his employees feel like its thier fault for always bugging him to get paid!!! You have to sit and wait til Mike says its time. He never pays their tips on time either, always an excuse, a lie, another day. its pathetic.HE WAS BOUNCING CHECKS TO VENDERS LIKE Sysco, Odem, FSA, Sanatation/garbage etc…etc zSo they no longer deliver to Copa


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